Empowering Skills for a Brighter Tomorrow: SSDC & SCTI by Samoon Foundation
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About Us

 “योजनानां सहस्त्रं तु शनैर्गच्छेत् पिपीलिका | आगच्छन् वैनतेयोपि पदमेकं गच्छति ||”

The above line mentions that if a tiny creature like an ant walks consistently, it can keep going miles. On the other hand, if an eagle doesn’t move from its place, then it cannot move even a single step. This philosophy is applicable everywhere and with us humans as well. Without any efforts, we can’t even dream to reach our goals.

We need to learn some skills to survive or bring a change in our lives. However, not all people in the world are fortunate enough to get hands-on experience and practice to learn a specific skill that would make them independent to generate their source of income. We at Samoon Skills are committed to providing skills training to such sections of the society who are curious, energetic and good learners but due to their remote locations and financial constraints, they are not able to do much as per their competence.

Founded in 2019, Samoon Skills is a division of Samoon Foundation, a nonprofit committed to societal welfare. We work to advance education, empower women, raise social and environmental awareness, and provide food assistance to the underserved. Our goal is a better world where everyone enjoys their basic rights.

Samoon Skills is a dream project of our founders, dedicated to empowering rural communities, especially those in remote areas, with the skills needed for self-sufficiency. We offer a range of skill-centric programs, including education, skills development, women's empowerment, and local arts and crafts training. Our focus is on socioeconomic development and transforming rural lifestyles by educating and training unskilled individuals for self-reliance.

We have been providing training programs to the locals in the field of sewing, knitting, tailoring, manufacturing local arts and crafts items. Specially designed for women, these skill training programs gives them a sense of accomplishment and enhance women empowerment. After completion of the training, every participant becomes confident in their area of work and start earning for themselves and their family. Also, the organisation is offering computer training programs to the students in these rural areas, so that apart from their general studies, they also become digitally literate.

We are on a journey to make a better world for our villagers, and our efforts will continue further in doing so.


Our vision is to empower the young people and women residing in remote Himalayan rural areas by equipping them with the skills necessary for self-employment and sustainable livelihoods.


We are dedicated to the mission of providing comprehensive skill development training to the youth and women in the rural Himalayan regions, with the ultimate goal of elevating their socio-economic well-being.