Empowering Skills for a Brighter Tomorrow: SSDC & SCTI by Samoon Foundation
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Chairman’s Message

A skill is someone’s capability to do something that comes from learning, training and practising. It is an essential part of one’s life as it decides how a person can shape his or her life with mastery in a particular domain. In urban areas, people get a lot of opportunities to learn something new and upgrade their skills. It is so because there are a plentiful number of mediums through which a person can learn something he or she is interested in. The handy facilities, easy approachability and convenient access to technology help the people residing in urban areas learn and earn for their well-being.

But those living in the rural areas, where even getting the basic necessities of life is a bit challenging, for them learning a new skill is still like a dream today. We, at Samoon Skills, work in these areas so that we can help the needy to fulfil their dreams and live a better life. Many villagers in the Himalayas either don’t have enough knowledge, or skill to earn an income. And, if they have some, they don’t get sufficient resources and opportunities to use their expertise and make a decent living.

Being a unit of Samoon Foundation, we at Samoon Skills have pledged to help such communities to learn and do something for themselves and their families. Samoon Skills centre is being run under SAMOON FOUNDATION, a well-established registered NGO that has gained recognition for its various mankind and social welfare programs. With the establishment of Samoon Skills, we wish to make the people residing in these remote areas competent and independent, so that they also move ahead and grow with the present time.

As a skill development centre, Samoon helps the localites in gaining expertise in the field of knitting, sewing, crafting, computer learning etc., so that they can make their own identity through their skills. We have started our skill development centres at multiple locations in Uttarakhand, where we educate and train the people in gaining mastery of a particular profession.

Samoon Skills Center is also committed to facilitating the growth of women entrepreneurs in the rural location of the Himalayas. The organization has also designed such entrepreneurship development programs that would help the rural women in inculcating entrepreneurial values, attitudes and motivation among themselves to take up their future endeavours.

We have been continuously working towards the overall development of the rural areas and our efforts will keep going further in shaping the lives of such people who are talented, enthusiastic and eager to learn.