Our Program


With an aim to enhance women empowerment, we have established Samoon Sewing and Knitting Training Centers at Chamoli and Tehri Garhwal districts of Uttarakhand. At these centres, we educate and train the local women, the skills and techniques of sewing and knitting work.

The good thing is that many women in the rural areas take these training sessions with great dedication and hard work. They learn a lot about sewing and weaving work in a short span of time, start earning a good income and support their families.


Computer training is something that provides a foundation to the youth in building new skill that is essentially required everywhere these days. Computer literacy not only helps in getting a job, but it also helps in every form of business today. That’s why it becomes important to gain computer knowledge.

We have been running “Samoon Computer Training Institute” (SCTI) in Tehri and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand, where we provide basic computer training as well as modern advanced courses to students so that they can have better career perspectives. The aim is to prepare students proficient in the field of computers and become capable enough in today’s digital world.


Imparting education has been considered a superior generosity in our ancient scriptures as it is the only charity that increases by sharing. With this ideology, Samoon Foundation has been providing scholarships to underprivileged but meritorious students for the past many years. Apart from that, we have also been guiding the students in choosing better career options by conducting camps on career counselling.

We would like to give the gift of education to such students who due to some reason, are unable to get proper schooling, or sometimes their families are not able to provide education to their children.

Imparting education to such students is very important so that they get a new direction in making their future bright, support their families and do something for the society and country.

In the past, Samoon Foundation has provided an average scholarship worth Rs. 3000/- per student to many deserving students and aim to do so in future as well, so that no student remains deprived of the education which is a basic right of everyone.


Art and craft making is an important skill that gives an identity to a place. And, not only the identity, but it also provides monetary support to the local communities who have mastery in that particular art.

Intending to promote the local arts and crafts of Uttarakhand, we at Samoon Skills have been providing vocational training to the women of rural areas so that either they could take up a job or start something of their own and support their family.

We have planned and worked continuously on finding the scopes of hand-made local paintings, local basket (Ringaal) manufacturing, woodcarving etc.We have planned and worked continuously on finding the scopes of hand-made local paintings, local basket (Ringaal) manufacturing, woodcarving etc.