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    Internship Policy for Students

    SAMOON FOUNDATION welcomes students who want to gain experience in the field of social work through internships. These internships result in mutual help both for the staff of Samoon Foundation and the students.

    SAMOON FOUNDATION offers various internship programmes which includes:

    Out Reach Worker:

    • Conduct survey on child labour, street children, underprivileged and malnourished children;
    • Establishing contact points and inviting the children to be part of education and awareness programmes;
    • Guide and develop contact with the community members;
    • Prepare factsheet and case history forms of the children;
    • Provide advice & guidance, general counselling to the children;
    • Involve in Fundraising;

    Child Care:

    • Attending parents/guardians for the purpose of admissions, making profiles, factsheet, brief history of the child.
    • Child quarterly reports /annual reports are filed according to the roaster in Child Care Handbook.
    • Recording & maintaining the relevant information, record/details of all children


    • Establish & organize school/home counselling program by assessing needs & setting goals.
    • Initiate guidance & counselling activities
    • Provide counselling, instruction and mentoring for those struggling with social, emotional & behavioural problem.
    • Provide individual & group counselling services to meet the developmental, preventive & remedial needs of all children.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of counselling theories & use appropriate assessment and diagnostic procedures for determining and structuring individual & group counselling.
    • Encourage & motivate the children through behaviour modification exercises


    • Assist the teacher in conducting activities based on the lesson
    • Conduct remedial classes
    • Assist the children in reading, writing and basic Maths
    • Keep the children occupied in acquiring practical experience using teaching material, new and improved skills.
    • Conduct activities for the children based on their talents.

    Procedure to apply for internship:

    The students have to approach the SAMOON FOUNDATION admin team with the letter of request from the college. The college can even do this with the name of interested students specifying the field of that they would like to do their internship.

    Based on scrutiny and the availability of the internship slot, the admin team of Samoon Foundation will confirm the internship to the student/college.

    On selection, the student has to submit the following documents:

    • No Objection Certificate from college.
    • Physical Fitness Certificate stating they are medically & physically fit to work
    • Police Clearance/Verification Certificate.
    • Identity Proof (Govt. Authorized)
    • Conduct Certificate
    • 2 Passport Size Photograph.
    • Photo Copy of Confirmation Letter/ mail

    The facility for internship provided to the students is solely done at the request, risk and consequence. Samoon Foundation will not be liable for compensation, damages etc. whatsoever in case any intern meets with an accident while undergoing his/her internship at Samoon Foundation.

    Samoon Foundation team will monitor the performance of the students while on internship. The students will not be paid any stipend, Travel allowance will be provided by the Samoon Foundation if students have to visit to project area on NGO request. During their internship and students have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.